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JSP has continually and successfully reduced its environmental impact in incremental steps, now is the time to get radical and challenge ourselves. Our targets are aimed at a 40% reduction for CO2 emissions, water use & waste by 2017.

Environmental impact is a formal underpinning of all strategic and investment decisions. Priority given to investments that further minimise environmental impact.

All claims will be supported by scientific and / or statistical data and wherever possible / practical will be provided by independent parties.

Further build and then maintain viable pan-European collection for recycling network and continue to make available ARPRO with recycled content. We are committed to actively promote ARPRO Recycled to all our customers.

All products will aim to minimise process energy required for manufacture and moulding. Continue to engage in research to reduce moulding energy requirements. We target a 40% reduction in energy consumption by 2017.

We will keep under constant review and continually improve all inputs and will act to minimise resource inputs whilst maximising efficiency. We have setup a production engineering team to actively investigate radical energy reductions over the next 5 years and beyond.

We will continuously reduce impacts from packaging and transport. In addition, we will make specific grades available that enhance efficiency of shipment cost and energy. We target a 40% reduction in transportation CO2 by 2017.

All waste throughout the company, including process waste, will be sorted and recycled. We target a 40% reduction in waste by 2017.

We will discriminate in favour of suppliers who show commitment to environmental impact minimisation.

We will continue to adhere to ISO 14000 and other internationally acknowledged environmental management standards. These are, however, only minimum standards that we will strive to exceed.

Work with you and support your efforts to minimise environmental impact.